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Calling all brass, percussion, colorguard, AND woodwinds students! We invite you to join us in a series of workshops to help you #BeBandReady this fall! The program will consist of 3 Saturday workshops at Lawrence Veterans Memorial Stadium, leading up to the showcase on July 31 at Stellos Stadium in Nashua, NH.

Participants will be learning an abbreviated production as well as sessions of movement/marching, sectional time, and ensemble – so we suggest participating in all of the workshop days to get the most out of the experience. In order to be COVID-safe, there are specific equipment/instrument requirements for each section – please refer to the website for more information about the workshops. We’re excited to see you all again – from 6ft away, of course! Lunch will be included!

July 10, 17 and 24 at Lawrence Veterans Memorial Stadium Lawrence Mass. 9am to 5pm.

July 31 Stellos Stadium Nashua NH – Final day of workshops and presentation of work completed over the full course of Saturday workshops. 9am to 5pm.



The total Fee is $110.00 per person and includes all four workshops!


We encourage all participants to bring their own equipment if possible, woodwind players must bring their own equipment.
Guard members can bring their own rifle and/ or saber. Flags will be provided.
Percussion please bring a pair of sticks and a drum pad if they have one.

COVID (We will follow all appropriate guidelines that are in place on the date of the event.)

At this time, you will be required to:

  • Wear a facemask
  • Please bring your own hand wipes and sanitizer.
  • We will also be attentive to the 6 foot social distance rule.


  • Equipment
  • Water jug
  • Baseball cap and sunscreen
  • Appropriate dress for playing and marching in the hot July sun!


It is suggested you commit to fully attending each Saturday rehearsal, particularly since the Spartans will not provide any partial refunds for participants who do not fully participate.


Each Saturday workshop will include movement/ marching, sectional time and full ensemble. Our goal is to learn a two minute production over the course of the workshops and perform it on July 31. So yes, it is suggested you commit to each Saturday to be able to participate as much as possible. We are hoping these workshops can help you #BeBandReady! for your band camps this summer!

***New in 2021, the Spartans have adopted a new, all electronic registration system. This new system will streamline registration by moving all required documents into a fully digital format and improve record keeping and tracking for both participants and for the Spartans.

This new system brings with it several changes, including a requirement that parents/guardians register any participant who is not yet 18 for Spartan events. This change will ensure that parents/guardians of minor children are kept informed of important information as each season progresses.

For participants 18 years of age or older, nothing will change, except that they will be required to register a new account in the new system and use it to register for Spartan events.

All participants will be required to sign in to the new system to complete any necessary paperwork and submit payments. Cash payments will no longer be accepted by the Spartans, and all registrations must take place electronically. CorpsData will no longer be used to coordinate registration or payment of tuition. The new system can be accessed by clicking the “register for workshops” button.

Register for Workshops