Spartans Mission & Values

Our mission is to be the premier performing arts organization for young people, through education and opportunities to excel, while developing the values of respect, responsibility, and commitment.

To promote our mission statement, we, as an organization, are committed to the core values of integrity, open-mindedness, excellence, and fun. We strive every day to upload these ideals in education and performance.

Hall of Fame Nominations

To honor the legacy of our founder, Albert LaFlamme, we recognize someone each year that has affected the Spartans in a lasting, positive way. Albert LaFlamme founded the Spartans in 1955. He was a teacher, mentor, and friend to thousands of young musicians.

Please nominate someone you know who has helped make the Spartans who we are today.

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Announcements about our members, staff, schedule, and related topics. These announcements are published for our members & fans.



All of our rehearsals, performances, traveling, and fundraising events are listed here. Please come see us at our events. We’d love to see you!



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Members Section

Our Staff

We are led by our president Paul PG LaFlamme, Operations Director Ann Prendergast, and Corps Director Richard Rigolini.

All together, the Spartans have 31 staff members. Our team works hard year-round to provide the best instruction and experience possible to our members and fans.

Meet the Staff

Donate & Support

We need your support! As a non-profit organization, we rely on the generous donations & volunteerism of our friends & family.

We are constantly soliciting donations. In addition, we have two major fundraising efforts: weekly BINGO nights and an annual Move a Mile travel cost campaign.

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The Spartans depend on generous volunteers to keep our operation running. We are always looking for more help, and there’s always work to be done.

We constantly need help with fundraising, cooking & food service, uniforms & flags, equipment & props, and travel/housing.