The Spartans will be traveling over 16,000 miles this summer traveling in a caravan of 4 coach buses, 2 tractor trailers and a chase vehicle.

The costs associated with travel have escalated to over $120,000 per year. To help us get to Nationals, we invite you to participate in sponsoring our programs!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Please help us cover our travel, food, and other expenses. The corps cannot survive without the generosity of our supporters. Every little bit helps!


Sponsor a Mile

Each mile traveled by our fleet costs approximately $14. Sponsoring a mile will help us put the members of the Spartans on the field at Lucas Oil Stadium in August!

You will receive our unending gratitude for your generous contribution!


Sponsor 10 Miles

What is better than sponsoring one mile? Sponsoring 10 of course!

With this sponsorship, you’ll get not only our unending gratitude, but also a personal message of thanks by a member of the corps posted on Facebook!


Sponsor a Meal

When you are traveling the country with 120 hungry teenagers, the grocery bill is crazy!

When you sponsor a meal, you’ll get our unending gratitude, a message on Facebook, and recognition as a Sponsor on our website.


Sponsor a Member

The drum corps experience does not come cheap. We offer financial aid to members in need. Your donation helps us assist more members.

When you sponsor a member, you’ll receive a thank you letter from a member after tour.

Miles sponsored so far

We are asking you, our supporters, to sponsor a mile or two! Could you purchase a mile and help get the Spartans to Drum Corps International Finals in Indiana? Can you help us reach our 16,000-mile goal by DCI Finals week?