January 14, 2019

Welcome to January Camp! Please note that we are at two locations this camp weekend.  The Nashua Boys and Girls Club 1 Positive Place and at the Elm Street School 117Elm Street Nashua. All meals provided all weekend.  For those coming for the first time and without a contract, please remember your camp fee of $50.00

For those arriving on Friday night please note that we do not have access to the Boys Club until 10PM. You can arrive at the Boys Club at this time and start to spend the weekend. However, there is no practice Friday night.  This is a truck unload evening and prep time for camp.

Drop off for camp Friday night and Saturday morning is at the Boys Club.  Saturday evening and Sunday morning drop off is at the Elm Street School.

Saturday registration begins at 8AM at the Boys Club.

All pick ups on Sunday,  will be at the ELM STREET school at 4PM.

Brass and Percussion are expected to be at camp all weekend.  If you have a school function please try to attend camp as soon as you can.

GUARD OPEN HOUSE is Sunday form 9AM to 3:30PM at the Elm Street School in Nashua. New Guard members are encouraged to attend.  There is NO FEE to attend this one day practice session.

Brass members are reminded to bring your own mouthpiece.

Auditions, paperwork and camp fees are all part of this weekends camp process. Please make sure you follow through with your dues payments and paperwork.

If you have any questions or are flying in for the weekend, please make sure you reach out to us at info@spartansdbc.org

Thank you.

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