November 16, 2021

November camp is always exciting!  New faces, old faces and a lot of energy building for the 2022 season.

The camp begins on Saturday at 8AM and ends Sunday at 5PM.  Detailed information will be sent to all registered participants (Ultra Camp account) throughout the week.  If you want to learn more about the schedule please register today.

Guard members please remember you only participate on Sunday and will be at the Nashua Boys Club 1 Positive Place. 9AM to 4PM

Percussionists who are registered and have completed all on line forms, you may go directly to the Elm Street School in Nashua starting at 8:15AM.  We need to unload the truck and prepare the practice space.  If you are not registered, we ask that you go to the Boys Club to sign up then to Elm Street School.

Masks are required inside all buildings and we ask that everyone try to keep a safe distance from one another. This is a sleep over weekend and  meals are provided by the corps throughout the weekend.

For those of you who travel a good distance, we will have the Boys Club open Friday night at 9:30PM for you.  This should make it easier than a very early morning drive!

So, if you are ready to get involved,  register today!  If you can’t attend this camp but can attend another that is great.  Register and let us know.  Auditions and recruiting take place all winter season….  you can begin your Spartan journey at any time.

Thank you and have a great camp weekend!

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