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Sponsor a Mile - For $20, you can help us offset the price of diesel one mile at a time! Our Coach buses and tractor trailers will be averaging about 6 miles to the gallon this year, and diesel is averaging around $6.00 a gallon!

Sponsor 10 Miles - Sponsor 10 miles and see yourself in lights! We will take time from our busy rehearsal and performance schedule to thank you on our social media channels!

Sponsor a Meal - When you sponsor a meal, not only will you get our deep gratitude, but you’ll also get a public thank you message on our social media channels! When you are traveling the country with 140 teenagers and staff, the grocery bill is crazy!

Sponsor a Member - The drum corps and indoor percussion experience does not come cheap. We offer financial aid to members in need. Your donation helps us assist more members. When you sponsor a member, you’ll receive a thank you letter from a member after tour.

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